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Is there a string of consciousness that connects your destiny; your soul, through time? Cleve Goddard is the pre-eminent rising star of a large mining consortium. His ruthless rise to power has made him dangerous enemies who aim to bring him back down to earth. Haunted by dreams of a young girl who has lost her husband and is struggling to find her freedom; her place, in the restricted world of sixteenth century England; Goddard tries to solve the puzzle she represents for him. Assisted by his faithful friend and assistant Andrew Collins, Goddard arrives in Minto to negotiate the biggest deal of his career. He must deal with the deception of his own company; rejection by the Aboriginal people he is sent to convince, and his estranged wife. Close to breaking point, yet adept at thinking on his feet, he agrees to salvage the deal. We learn that the central character of his dreams, Annabel Morris, is accused of witchcraft. Horrific, unexplained acts have been perpetrated on the feudal Lord Colley's two daughters. Assistance arrives in the form of Corbin Haylock, whose profession is witch hunter. Goddard agrees to tackle his continuing nightmares by consulting a psychotherapist. Under hypnosis, through regression therapy, Goddard finds a tortured and possessed soul from his past seeking answers to end a terrible misfortune that has plagued him across the centuries. Unperturbed, Goddard settles on a plan to blame his detractors in the company for the failed mining deal. Just as he looks like escaping his fate, Goddard learns through his final dream that Annabel has been found guilty and executed. It is now that Goddard finally awakens to the lesson he is about to repeat. Goddard rushes to stop the planned destruction of Aboriginal sites, but it is too late. History is set to repeat itself. A broken man, Goddard leaves town, unable to be woken from his trance by Andy until he sees the storm blowing through the desert. He embraces the fate awaiting him,

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    • First Edition
    • Mar-2010
    • Createspace
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1449908985
    • ISBN13: 9781449908980


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