Wishful Thinking

The leprechaun leaned toward Penelope Pill- conspiratorially. "What if I told you that there is a factory that can fulfill your deepest wish? Any wish you could imagine, like being able to fly, or to never grow old, or to eat ice cream every day for the rest of your life. You could even make a wish that would allow you to rule the incredible place that makes wishes come true--the Wishworks Factory."

Benjamin Bartholomew Piff was recently granted one of his wildest dreams -- his birthday wish came true. But soon his wish landed him in the middle of an epic battle between the Wishworks Factory and the dark powers of the Curseworks Factory. Now, Ben has been brought on to the Wishworks Factory's permanent staff as Manager, Kids' Birthday Wishes Ages 3 to 12.

Unfortunately, Ben is still learning, and a rookie mistake on the job places the entire Wishworks Factory in danger of being exposed to a most unlikely foe -- Ben's long lost cousin, Penelope Piff. Penelope has her own designs on the Factory, and this is one Penny who brings nothing but bad luck . . .
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