Wild Women's Weekend
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They are four lifelong friends, with challenging careers and demanding families. And for one weekend each year they let their hair down and are as bad as they want to be.

But this time it goes too far.

Ann, Maria, Sabrina and Deb gather at a remote cabin on California's north coast to embark on a sacred rite of sisterhood -- their annual weekend devoted to girl talk and gossip, kicked up with a soupçon of naughtiness on the side. But no more than twenty-four hours into the weekend, the best friends are suddenly partners in crime.

Nursing world-class hangovers, they wake to find Hughie -- the sexy drifter they met in the local cowboy bar and their impromptu houseguest -- in the hot tub, floating facedown and most definitely dead. Hastily they decide to bury the corpse and resolve to never again speak of the gruesome event. But the impossible leads to the unthinkable when a road crew digs up the hapless Hughie a month later, still shrouded in Ann's expensive pink Porthault blanket. Of all the absurdities life dishes out, why does it have to be a cleaning tag that does them in?

As the women frantically plot their alibis, they become instant fodder for a media feeding frenzy. In the midst of the trauma, the bonds of marriage and family, as well as their lifelong friendships, are starting to fray. One wild weekend has changed their lives forever, but the question remains -- which one of them will pay?
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