Wild Savage Heart
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    Historical Romance
  • Time Period:
    19th Century American West
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Recently widowed Molly Gallagher just wanted to be left alone, but her husband's best friend, Nathan Morning Hawk, seemed determined to drive her crazy with his meddling and his unnecessary concern for her welfare. At first Molly angrily took out her grief on the handsome Shawnee, but as time went by she found herself turning to him more and more as his ebony gaze made her breath catch and his touch made her heart pound. Soon she was overpowered by wanton desire for the masterful savage and she meant to have him -- she would have him -- if only for one night. Molly knew life had to be lived for the moment...for tomorrow might never come!

He wanted her as he'd never wanted anything else in his life. Yet he couldn't have her. Hawk knew Molly would suffer scorn and ridicule if she were to fall in love with a Shawnee. So he would have to love her from afar as he helped her to get on with her life. But as he comforted Molly through long Kentucky nights, Hawk's resolve wavered until he could no longer deprive himself of the satiny softness of her skin and the irresistible sweetness of her luscious lips. And once he'd sampled the ecstasy of her love, Hawk vowed he'd never let her go!
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