Wild Irish Roses
Despite her poor background, Meg Bannon has arrived as Queen of the romance novel. Millions of woment adore her books, and Meg's charismatic agent has just launched an advertising campaign to draw teenage readers. But Meg herself lives in an emotional wasteland, loney and scared of love.

Unexpectedly, Meg finds herself crippled with writer's block. She's already missed the deadline on her next highly publicized blockbuster by six months!

A hideaway cottage in Ireland may hold the answer to Meg's problems. In the lush green coutryside and the simplicity of life in Wild Roses Cottage, Meg begins to write again. She finds herself modeling her fictional hero after her handsome landlord, Emmet O'Brien.

But there's something different about this real-life hero. Something that could sabatoge all of Meg's well-laid plans and dreams...

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