Wild Irish Embrace
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Meary O'Byrne had always delighted in traveling about the green Irish countryside singing and playing her harp for willing listeners. She was free to do as she pleased, which included accepting the invitation to play in the home of the Englishman, Lord Colin Garrick. Meary was determined to resist his charms for she treasured her independence. But when she heard him speak and felt his voice envelop her in a soft caress, she longed to trace her fingertips over his eyes and lips, to feel his hard strength beneath her gentle hand, and to find a love she never knew existed.

It had been so long since Colin had heard anything so lovely as this young woman's lilting voice that for a moment he forgot the bitter pain of betrayal which had caused him to leave his family home in England. All women were the same with their spendthrift ways and malicious tongues, and he had no desire to become involved with yet another conniving female. But the independent and generous spirit of the beauty before him with waist-length golden hair and eyes the color of deep purple was like no other. Colin knew he must tame this Irish maid, hold her delicate frame, kiss her rose-colored lips, and tempt her lovely body into a long night of sensuous lovemaking!
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