Wild Blaze
All Brody Coners knows, or cares about, is his loyalty to the Back Down Devil MC patch on his back. Nothing else matters.

So when he bumps into a jittery, but very sexy nurse who is trying to save one of his brother's lives, he's surprised that he’s taken back by her. Not just by her beauty, but by the secret he can see she's hiding.

The absolute last thing Heather Langlin needs in her messed up life is another man telling her what to do. If it wasn't stressful enough to have an abusive boyfriend who thinks he's greater than any living man in the world, now a biker - a really hot biker - is trailing her, asking her questions that have her on edge.

The more Brody pushes, the more Heather gives. And soon her secret forces Brody to protect Heather and save Down Devil MC from another violent tragedy.

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