Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?
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Hannah. Geena. Delia. Once, they were three naughty teen debutantes packed off to a tough love summer camp that promised to make bad girls good again. Now, they're together again and more "wicked" than ever--but this time for a good cause . They run their own detective agency, and everything they ever learned at survival camp--that's everything--comes in very, very handy...

Black Widow
Important safety tip #1: Don't get too fond of a man who might be a hired assassin. Always a good plan--unless the guy is Damon Connelly, a total Heathcliff in a James Bond car. What's P.I. Hannah "Nan" Harrington-Scott to do? For starters, try to find out why he's staking out the same mega-crook billionaire she is. Then, keep her eyes trained on him at all times. Ha! No toughie there. And if Nan just happens to get caught searching his Maserati...and he just happens to insist on frisking her...well, she can always lie back and enjoy the ride...

Man with a Past
Cabot Vendermeer III was the boy in the penthouse next door, until he was accused of murder and Long Island heiress Geena Cole robbed her piggy bank to help him escape. That was ten years ago, and Geena's almost stopped dreaming about him. Almost. Now, Cabot's come out of hiding, and he wants Geena to clear his name. But can Geena do it, and does she want to? Because this time, she could lose everything, including her heart and maybe her life...

Love Bites
Delia was the baddest of the bad, but that was before she became a Camp Wilderness success story and married into a life Cinderella would envy. Now, she's a bored, insecure socialite in need of a good job and a better man--and Nan and Geena have just the mission. Ben Michaelson is a playboy rumored to have killed his last paramour, and well-mannered Delia is the perfect operative to smoke him out. Free of her Fifth Avenue restraint, Delia's inner hellcat comes blazing to life, and Ben has no idea what's about to bite him hard...

Join Brava rising star Gemma Bruce for three wickedly wonderful whodunits where the nights are hot...and no one's getting much sleep at all...
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