Who Is Emerald Monday?

Those bones are the remains of Frannie Granger, beloved foster mother of Emerald Monday. After Fran's disappearance almost 20 years ago, Emmy was taken from her home in Uncertain, Texas, and placed in foster care elsewhere in the state.

Now Emmy's come full circle, back to Uncertain. She's here because of her foster brother, Jed, who's been accused of Frannie's murder. Wrongly accused...

Emmy has another reason for returning to Uncertain: She's finally decided to investigate the mysterious circumstances of her birth, to find out who her real parents are.

And then there's Riley Gray Wolf... Now a widower with a small child, Riley's the man Emmy has always remembered -- and had fantasies about. She's imagined what he'd be like, what he'd look like, as an adult. And she's not disappointed! Riley may be a reason to stay in Uncertain. The most compelling reason of all....
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