Who Invited the Dead Man?

Whether handling customer calls at Yarbrough's Feed, Seed and Nursery or close calls while solving crimes, sixty-something Southerner Maclaren Yarbrough knows how to charm her way through anything....

Judge MacLaren Yarbrough is the new magistrate of Hope County, Georgia--appointed to replace her husband, Joe Riddley, after he receives an injury. But when a local man is found murdered at Joe's birthday gala, MacLaren almost ends up on the wrong side of the law. And when she finds clues that hit too close to home, this savvy Southerner becomes determined to uncover the roots of the crime--and clear her family's name.

MacLaren tries to sweet-talk clues out of affluent matriarchs, shady drifters, and even a disgruntled parrot. But all her efforts simply raise more questions: How many secrets can one small town hold? Which party guest had the strongest motive? And ...Who Invited the Dead Man?
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