When Second Graders Attack

Something is amiss in Blootinville!

Someone has replaced all the food in town with Chef Nibbles's disgusting ultra-chemical Snoodles and Cheaze. To make matters worse, a roving band of second graders calling themselves the Nibblettes have immobilized the town with their gravy snack cup-bombs. This looks like a job for the Cupcaked Crusader (aka Horace Splattly)! But Horace has run out of his sister Melody's superpower cupcakes, and she's nowhere to be found! Can Horace whip up a batch in time, or will the rampaging second graders gravy-nate all of Blootinville?

Dear Horace,
I think your adventures as the Cupcaked Crusader are a fun read from beginning to end. You're definitely my kind of superhero. I can't wait to tell Spider-Man all about you.
Your newest fan,
Stan Lee,
Creator of X-Men and Spider-Man
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