What Now, King Lear

Unenthusiastic real estate dealer and moonlighting P.I. Gil Yates gets a new client, a fine-looking but faux blonde whose third (and richest) husband has dropped dead of unnatural causes--leaving a fortune for his heirs to battle over. There's a caveat, though. In the case of his "untimely" death, nobody gets anything until the killer is caught.

The grieving widow insists her dead husband's nasty offspring did daddy in, but Yates isn't sure anybody is squeaky clean in this travesty of a family unit. The Texas billionaire's three daughters each have husbands with dangerous hobbies, and a greedy glint to their eyes. But Yates, when not engaging in his own marital martyrdom or sucking up to his boss (his father-in-law), relentlessly digs into the sordid mess with the intention of staying alive at least long enough to get paid.
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