Walkabout Wife

No one wanted to marry Edie - they wanted other things, but not marriage! And Edie was just not 'that kind of a girl'. So it was in a fit of pique that she answered an advert: 'cattleman seeks wife, preferably under thirty-five' - and when the advertiser took her up on it she went defiantly off to his cattle station in Queensland to marry him. The cattleman in question, Drew Sutton, turned out to be tall, dark and handsome - eligibility was his middle name, in fact, and Edie soon realised that she wouldn't mind if her marriage of convenience turned into something more meaningful. In fact everything was so satisfactory that there had to be a snag somewhere. There was . . .


From the book cover....

"Why not answer this add for a wife?"

Edie's apartment mate had been joking when she mentioned the advertisement in the paper. But somehow, the idea appealed. Edie was tired of men who never thought of marriage. And wasn't it true that arranged marriages often worked out well? Anyway, there was no harm answering. Drew Sutton, the advertiser, turned out to be the handsomest man Edie had even seen. He was certainly interested in marriage --- but only temporarily --- and was not at all interested in love .....

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