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    Nov-2014 (Hardcover)
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When Waggers is adopted, he tries to be good; he really does! But it isn't Waggers's fault that his tail goes crazy when he gets excited. How much harm can a tail do, anyway? Well, his new family is about to find out. In the kitchen, the cookies smell so good that Waggers's tail makes the dough hit the ceiling. And when Waggers helps the kids defeat a monster in the living room, there may be a sofa casualty. After his tail accidentally scratches the paint off the car in the garage, Mom and Dad aren't so sure their home is the right fit for such an excitable pup. Could this be the last straw, or can Waggers and his family find a way to stay together?

Author Stacy Nyikos spins a humorous tale of a well-meaning, but clumsy dog. With hilariously unexpected scenarios, this heartwarming story will keep you giggling and wondering what Waggers -- and his tail -- will do next. Adorable illustrations from Tamara Anegon bring the silly scenes to vibrant life and make WAGGERS a joy, especially for pet lovers.
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