Dark, Sexy. Powerful. This Zodiac Dragon Series will scorch the pages.

Michael's the fifth of twelve Guardians.
Dragon-born in the sign of Virgo, he carries all the traits of his sign -- the good and the bad.

He's practical and kind. The one with pure purpose -- and until now that purpose has been to keep his family together.

Until he finds a letter foretelling the arrival of a vicious dark mage -- the same b*tch who'd tortured his brother, Zadoc. And who's now taken Zadoc's babies hostage.

A letter addressed to one of his kin…

The Bloodletter.

Did Marcus know the war was coming? Could he have changed the course of history and saved them all?

Michael sets out in search of the truth and finds himself drawn to one person.

A flawed mortal human…
A doctor who refuses to surrender -- even when she stares down a vicious brood of Vampires with two very special babies in her arms -- Doctor Angel Leigh.

Family. Honor. Love.
What happens when those three collide?
Who will be left standing?
Who will be left heartbroken?
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