Velvet Vixen
Megan McClanahan may have appeared fragile and angelic to strangers, but her family loved and accepted her as the firebrand they knew her to be. So when she announced her intentions to run her late father's gold mine in Colorado, no one stood in her way. At least no one but Brad Webster. Rock solid and rugged, Brad disarmed Megan's plans with a glance. All at once Megan... more ยป longed to be the woman buried deep within her, the woman who could be carried off by a pair of strong arms, kissed by a set of soft lips, caressed by the man who was meant to be her soul mate.

The last thing Brad Webster wanted to do was to get involved with a Southern woman. He needed to uncover the cause of his father's mysterious death and infiltrate a group of spies, but after meeting Megan he knew he wouldn't be able to concentrate on his goal. All he could do was dream about the green-eyed vixen who had stolen his hear. He longed to wrap her silky brown hair around his fingers, to stroke her creamy flesh to learn her every curve and contour as he made her forever his own.

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