Veilios Dragon
The one thing she wants may be the one thing he can't give her.Veilios, second in command of an elite team of dragons, has lived long and traveled wide, never finding love. But now, a rescue mission has brought his kind, curvy, dragon mate to him. The only problem is, she doesn't recognize him as hers.Life keeping a group of female half-breeds safe has never been easy for Kira. When a raid on their latest hideout leads to the death of an influential wolf, Kira seeks refuge with the Shadow Squad. All she wants to do is find an out, but there's one dragon, with warm brown eyes, and the heart of a healer, that she can't resist.Pretty soon, things spiral out of control. Now Kira's facing not one, but two formidable enemies. As things get worse, she finds herself leaning more on Veilios. But he, too, has secrets lurking in his past...

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