GOTREK THUNDERED through then like a raging bull. His axe left bloody corpses every time it struck and it struck often, moving almost too-fast for the human eye to follow. As Felix watched, the Slayer cut dawn two more assailants and dived headlong into the pack of men trying to force their way in through the door. Whoever wanted the talisman had brought a small army with him. It was not a reassuring thought, Felix decided, as he shouted a challenge and raced to join the carnage.

IN THE UNCEASING war, against Chaos, the doom-seeking dwarf Gotrek and his human companion Felix are beset by a new, terrible foe. An evil is forming in darkest Sylvania which threatens to reach out and tear the heart from our band of intrepid heroes. The gripping saga of Gotrek & Felix continues in this epic tale of deadly battle and soul-rending tragedy.

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