Vampire Clone
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A beautiful half-mad billionaire, a mischievous half-alien vampire, a handsome disheveled scientist, a brainy stripper, a diabolical Russian oligarch, and a graceful wild-eyed Clone take us on an epic journey across America and deep into the treacherous paradise of the South Seas. When naughty, mischievous, witty vampire V discovers that her ultra-dangerous, half-alien DNA has been used by billionaire scientist Sabrina Jacobs to create a clone, she realizes that the human race is in mortal danger.To nip the alien DNA contagion in the bud, she must kill Sabrina and the 14-year-old Clone. Having just escaped from Sabrina's bounty-hunters, stunned and half-naked, V staggers out of the desert onto a lonely endless strip of road.She flags down a handsome yummy scientist, Alex Wolf. Later, out hunting for human fodder, she picks up a beautiful stripper, Helen Guerrera. Together, the trio set off on a rollicking chaotic chase across the ruins of a dystopian America - searching for Sabrina and the Clone - and then, still in pursuit of Sabrina and the Clone, they sail deep into the South Pacific, searching the Sulu Sea and the Philippines.While V hunts Sabrina, Sabrina hunts V.Sabrina' dream is to lobotomize beautiful V, to enslave her, and to exploit her DNA to create a race of immortal superhumans. But, while V and Sabrina hunt each other, Sabrina's sadistic ex-lover, Russian billionaire, Dmitry Pavlov, stalks Sabrina.He plans to capture and sink Sabrina's marvelous research ship, Andromeda, to kidnap the Clone and transform gorgeous brilliant Sabrina into a grotesque freak - an animal to be kept in a cage. At the center of all this, is the Clone, a tragic, failed experiment, and Sabrina's greatest regret. Perpetually imprisoned by Sabrina in an armored glass cage, the exquisite but utterly insane 14-year-old Clone has never breathed the open air. Just as V closes in on Sabrina and the Clone, Dmitry springs his trap, and, at the same time, a huge tropical typhoon closes in, threatening everyone and everything. In the chaos of overlapping struggles, will V succeed in saving the world from the plague of her alien DNA, will she eliminate Sabrina and the Clone - or will she fail?
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    • First Edition
    • Dec-2020
    • Twin Rivers Productions
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1777314119
    • ISBN13: 9781777314118
    • Nov-2020
    • Twin Rivers Productions
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 0995310882
    • ISBN13: 9780995310889
    • Dec-2020
    • Twin Rivers Productions
    • eBook (Kindle)

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