Unwanted Legacy
Flynn Donovan had changed-and not for the better!

He no longer bore any resemblance to the young man Kaylie had adored ten years ago. It was a shock to see him at the reading of her aunt Emma Anderson's will--and to see what an arrogant stranger he'd become.

An even greater shock was the legacy revealed in that will, a legacy that came with an impossible condition. The estate went to her and Flynn--if they were willing to spend a whole month together.

Kaylie agreed, but only because it was the last thing her much-loved aunt had asked of her. Flynn also agreed, with equal reluctance. So Kaylie took up temporary quarters at Cedar Wood Stables, Flynn's beautiful horse farm in Perthshire, Scotland, where she quickly discovered two things: Flynn might have changed, but her feelings for him hadn't. And things at Cedar Wood weren't quite what they seemed....

Hero: Flynn Donovan
Heroine: Kaylie Alexander
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