Underground, L' Autre Metro
Who Knew? Spies Read! Ignoring his best friend warning to stay out of Paris, mystery writer Jamie Litton leaves the Côte d' Azur and returns to Paris to investigate yet another unexpected death, and the mystery evolving at Maxmillian's apartment. While Jamie is in Paris, learning the secrets of his eclectic Café Society... best friend Ben Foulof goes it alone in South America to investigate rumors clouding a murder discovered in a Paris antique store "L' Indice." Was Claude, a German collaborator or a hero? The young French doctor, disappeared from Paris at the end of WWII, but does his fading path to Brazil or the artwork in the attic condemn him? Best friends will discover - some secrets should remain hidden... underground. Print Edition, eBook and Audio Book available. (All Rights Reserved) 16 July 2011 © Peggy Kopman-Owens (Cover Art © Roger Kopman) Audio Book narrated and produced by Ian A. Miller.
    France, Costa Rica, Brazil

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    • First Edition
    • Mar-2015
    • Createspace
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1511438061
    • ISBN13: 9781511438063


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