TWILIGHT CREATURES: 40 Stories of Vampires, Werewolves, and other Unspeakable Beings
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“TWILIGHT CREATURES: Stories of Vampires, Werewolves and other Unspeakable Beings” features 40 absorbing and fascinating short stories and legends from around the world, some of them translated to English for the first time. Martin Monreal provides an introductory essay, which situates each story in its proper context.TWILIGHT CREATURES includes famous and lesser known stories by Sheridan Le Fanu, M.R. James, Noemi Sutera, Bram Stoker, Guy de Maupassant, H. R. Haggard, Apuleius, Turgenev, H. Clifford, Baring-Gould, Saki, E. Peattie, Mary Freeman, Machen, Poe, Benson, Blackwood, Bierce, Wells, Dunsany, Conan Doyle, O’Donnell, H. James, W.W. Jacobs, Hawthorne, Stevenson, Gogol, and Chekhov, among others, plus a spooky selection of French, Eskimo, Argentine, Russian, Japanese and Chinese folktales.Explore the world of TWILIGHT CREATURES and by the time you are done reading the last piece, you might just agree with M.R. James’ view that, humanly speaking, all these many solemn events have a meaning for us, if our limited intelligence permitted of our disintegrating it.Martin Monreal and Gabriela Garcia are the editors of the following anthologies: Masters of Horror, Suspense and the Supernatural: 100 Stories, The Vampire Genome: The Best Vampire Stories, Poems and Essays, Trail of the Necronomicon: An Anthology of the Stories and Novels that Influenced H.P. Lovecraft, TWILIGHT CREATURES: 40 Stories of Vampires, Werewolves, and other Unspeakable Beings, and Love Hurts: the Best Vampire, Gothic and Supernatural RomancesCONTENTSIntroduction1. M.R. James Mr Humphreys and his Inheritance2. J. Sheridan Le Fanu Carmilla 3. Bram Stoker In the presence of Vampires (from Dracula)4. Guy de Maupassant The Horla 5. Henry Rider Haggard Only a Dream6. Lucius Apuleius The Corpse Watcher7. Ivan Turgenev Clara Militch8. Hugh Clifford A Night of Terror9. Love Unrequited (A Werewolf Legend from France) 10. Sabine Baring-Gould Jean Grenier: Werewolf11. Saki The Wolves of Cernogratz 12. Elia W. Peattie On the Northern Ice13. Mary E. Wilkins Freeman The Vacant Lot14. Fernand D’Anglais The Dissapearance of Mr. Najh 15. Arthur Machen The White People16. Edgard Allan Poe Metzengerstein17. The Shroud (A Russian Folktale)18. The Legend of Rheineck (A German Folktale) 19. Four Eskimo Folktales a. Papik, who killed his wife's brother 20. b. Artuk, who did all forbidden things21. c. The Spirit of the Singing House22. d. The boy from the bottom of the sea23. Algernon Blackwood The Wendigo24. E.F.Benson The Man Who Went too Far25. Ambrose Bierce The Death of Halpin Frayser26. H.G.Wells The Valley of Spiders27. Mujina (A Japanese Legend)28. The Story of Ming-Y (A Chinese Folktale) 29. Lord Dunsany Where the Tides Ebb and Flow30. Arthur Conan Doyle The Horor of Heights31. Arthur Christopher Benson Out of the Sea32. Elliott O'Donnell Up the Nile River33. Henry James The Turn of the Screw34. W.W. Jacobs The Well35. Nathaniel Hawthorne Ethan Brand36. Robert Louis Stevenson Thrawn Janet37. Noemí Sutera Summer 197238. Nikolay V. Gogol The Cloak 39. Ivan Turgenev The Old Woman40. Anton Chekhov A Dead Body
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