Turbulent Waters
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Love is personal, war is not, especially in North Carolina, 1865-1867, during the reconstruction. With a love they are certain will transcend all else, southern belle Penny Kennedy marries Union Officer and attorney, Ryan Madison, despite the condemnation of those around them. The initial days of wedded bliss end abruptly when Marcus, the man who courted Penny for years in anticipation that she would marry him, is arrested for murder, and Ryan is assigned to prosecute him. As hard as this development is to tolerate for Penny, she will discover worse things await her before Ryan and she can attain the life they desire.
Praise, "BJ Vaughn has introduced the human side to often forgotten North Carolina Civil Way History... This is history that has finally been told in a very human and quite enjoyable study... Her passion for detail, historic accuracy and flair for the conflicts of the people involved is captivating."
-- David Waller, lecture and historian
"As a follow on to Muddy Waters, Turbulent Waters is a wonderfully woven story of life, passion, peril, and overcoming hardship in the reconstruction period in North Carolina. Most intriguing are the carefully woven historically accurate events that impact the lives and decisions of the characters. When you start reading, be prepared to be loath to put Turbulent Waters down. The characters are real and become friends that you don't want to leave at the end. When will the next volume be available? I can't wait to read it "
--Leesa K.C. Payne
"I really enjoyed Muddy Waters. Besides the story line of Penny and Ryan and their families, I was really taken in by the descriptions of their living conditions and the thought process that they had to go through to live back then during the war. You did a great job of describing their homes and I could really picture how they looked and what comforts they did (or didn't) have."
--Chris Peck
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