Tropics Nurse
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Inside the primitive buildings in a clearing in the green steaming jungle, redheaded Hope Bishop worked alongside Doc Mac to save the life of one of the natives. Hope had been at Camp David for only six days, but already she found the life there exciting, demanding -- and romantic.

These rough buildings in the wilderness were financed by the philanthropic Guggendorf Fund, and gradually the beginning of hospital service and public health care was emerging. It made Hope feel important to be a part of this good work. Young Dr. Mac Hilton and Engineer Mark Gordon also share her dreams for Camp David's future -- and both would like to share her future, too!

However, disease is not the only problem which menaces the local villagers. A jaguar, usually not a man-eating animal, has attacked a child and now is a danger to any person who comes within its deadly range.

Strangely enough it is the jaguar -- and a wonderful little boy named Viente -- that help Hope to make a very important decision about which, if either, of her two handsome suitors to love.

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