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Ghost Hollow has not been the same since my dog, Big Boy, came from the woods located behind our property carrying a large bone which proved to be a human bone. The bone was identified as a “Femur” bone. After searching the adjoining property, fifteen skeletal remains were found and unearthed. This, of course, brought on an investigation by County, State, and Federal agents. The skeletal remains were examined and determined to be of eighteen to twenty-eight years old male and females at time of death. It was also determined that every five years, five bodies were left at the scene, going back twenty years. The last body drop was five years earlier; therefore, to continue the pattern of every five years, it would soon be time for the fourth drop of five bodies. A group of special agents from a secret group known as CHAINS secretly watched the sight for a couple of weeks before I inadvertently drove upon them at a hunting camp next-door to my home and property. It happened I witnessed the top-secret laser cannon as the crew was busily servicing and cleaning the weapon. I was detained until my credentials were verified and then escorted to my home, next door, where our property was commandeered. That action was taken under the authority of General Black and the C.H.A.I.N.S. covert operation which now involved our participation in an investigation regarding the fifteen skeletal remains found nearby. My wife, Debbie and I were drafted, so to speak, into the shadow agency of the Earth-Alien-Exchange. CHAINS, a shadow Agency which is short for: Central Intelligence / Homeland Security/ Alien Affairs/ Independent Mercenary Services / NASA/ Special Forces, is an Alien correctional service with Top Secret. The members of this particular group are led by General Black, who works in the field along side of his team. My wife, Debbie, and I were sworn to secrecy and became host for the crew with two of the agents, Alice Gray and Tom Green, as our friendly in-home chaperons and consultants of secret censored protocol throughout the investigation. Secrecy is a high priority due to the nature of the beast, which was in the current case, was Alien. During the investigation we learned that Aliens from distant galaxies already visit Earth in the same manner as foreign exchange students while a chosen group of Earthlings visit the Alien worlds. As to date, Earth citizens are unaware of visitors of far away galaxies. Until the ones in power believe disclosure to be beneficial for mankind, the Alien existence on Earth remains Top Secret. The Aliens, are peaceful as per say. A micro percentage of these visitors are found to be unfit for the exchange program. There are tools and weapons created by Aliens and provided to the team to apprehend or combat the few Alien Outlaws which penetrate the complicated screening process for which all exchange Aliens must pass. Of the thousands of Aliens which participate in the exchange program, very few are outlaws. When discovered, CHAINS must act fast to apprehend the alien fugitives to suppress knowledge of their existence and to end their crimes by necessary means of force. With the growing acquaintances of the team members, Debbie and I become their trusted friends and after participating in the reconnaissance and surveillance of the Alien outlaw known as the POACHER, an Alien trespasser from a distant Galaxy, and his accomplice, a rogue EAE participant, we are treated as family to the team. Eventually, we are recruited into CHAINS and as team members, we may never reveal the secrets of CHAINS or of the presence of Aliens. My name is Joe Heston. My wife, Debbie Lee Heston, and I are known to the team as “Mom and Pop.”

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    • First Edition
    • Jan-2017
    • Createspace
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1541280768
    • ISBN13: 9781541280762

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