Trapped & Liberated: The Privateer's Bold Beloved
This regency romance by USA TODAY bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author Bree Wolf featuring an English lady and a French privateer proves that fairy tales sometimes do come true.

England 1796: Frenchman ANTOINE DURET, privateer by trade, finds his way to a lonely beach in Norfolk one night. Why he feels compelled to reach it, he cannot say. All his life, he's dreamed of nothing else but sailing the seas, his own ship, the Chevalier Noire, his pride and joy. Still, his father's voice echoes in his ears, whispering of a bond that would guide him once he drew closer to the one woman who would hold his heart.

Foolish superstition, no doubt! Still, Antoine cannot resist and orders his crew to approach the beach.

ALEXANDRA WINTERS, COUNTESS OF SILCOX, spent her youth dreaming of love and the one man who would steal her heart, Prince Charming on a white steed come to sweep her off her feet. But then real life interfered and urged her into a sensible match in order to see her beloved brother happily married. Resigned to a life without love, Alexandra takes joy in her little daughter. However, a part of her still does hope. No matter how foolish that notion might be!

And then one fateful night, something leads her down to the beach below Silcox Manor and into the arms of a man who does not at all resemble the Prince Charming Alexandra had imagined in her youth. Nevertheless, his dark gaze sets her world on fire, and Alexandra finds her heart stolen from her chest with a swiftness that yanks the air from her lungs.

The shock of their encounter slams into Antoine with a force that nearly brings him to his knees, and in an instant, he knows that after finding Alexandra against all odds - and in enemy territory no less - he cannot let her go.

At war or not, she must be his.

If you like marriage of convenience stories with deep, heartfelt emotions and a dash of humour, then you'll love this novella in Bree Wolf's emotionally charged Love's Second Chance Series. Grab TRAPPED AND LIBERATED, get a cup of tea, settle into your favorite reading spot and start this swoon worthy romance now!

"Sweet story about a woman and a man who share a magical love story and will make you believe in love at first sight and happy endings!" - Christie, Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews

"Trapped & Liberated is a wonderfully descriptive, romantic read packed with plenty of emotion." - Diana, Goodreads Review

"Alexandra had found her true heart, an escape from a loveless marriage and a new future for Violet. This was such an emotional read." - Emma, Goodreads Review

Love's Second Chance Series

#1 Forgotten & Remembered - The Dukes Late Wife (Rosabel & Graham)
#2 Cursed & Cherished - The Duke's Wilful Wife (Anna & Edmond)
#3 Despised & Desired - The Marquess' Passionate Wife (Ellie & Frederick)
#4 Abandoned & Protected - The Marquis' Tenacious Wife (Henrietta & Connor)
#5 Ruined & Redeemed - The Earl's Fallen Wife (Charlotte & Sebastian)
#6 Betrayed & Blessed - The Viscount's Shrewd Wife (Beth & Tristan)
#7 Deceived & Honoured - The Baron's Vexing Wife (Madeline & Derek)
#8 Sacrificed & Reclaimed - The Solider's Daring Widow (Meagan & Edward)
#9 Condemned & Admired - The Earl's Cunning Wife (Violet & Oliver)
#10 Trapped & Liberated The Privateer's Bold Beloved (Alexandra & Antoine)
#11 Oppressed & Empowered - The Viscount's Capable Wife (Evelyn & Richard)
#12 Destroyed & Restored - The Baron's Courageous Wife (Adelaide & Matthew)
#13 Tamed & Unleashed - The Highlander's Vivacious Wife (Claudia & Garrett)
#14 Banished & Welcomed - The Laird's Reckless Wife (Moira & Cormag)
#15 Haunted & Revered - The Scotsman's Destined Love (Deidre & Alastair)

Each love story in this series can be read as a stand alone. However, most readers prefer to read them in order.
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