Traces of Indigo
Kendall MacKenzie runs her wildlife refuge single-handedly. And she likes it that way. So when her prize mountain lion escapes, forcing her to hire the expertise of ex-bounty hunter Chaz Dalton, she's less than pleased with the situation. Sure, he's gorgeous, knowledgeable--almost tolerable. But Kendall's fairly certain he knows just how great he is, the smart aleck. Don't expect her to confirm it.

When they're stuck together in the desert, though, Kendall starts to lose her cool. It's possible, just possible, that Chaz is everything he appears to be--and more. When he yanks her out of danger, stuns her into silence with his kisses, and completely disrupts Kendall's equilibrium, Chaz effectively proves his point: independence is fine, but being together is better...

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