Tough Love
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**Due to sexual content, language and violence, this book is only suitable for ages 18 and up** Some things are just impossible to forget or move past. Jackson (Jack) Williams knew this all too well. There are days that he can bury it and move on with life. Eventually, though, the more you try to bury something the harder it becomes to ignore. Shannon Mitchell has never had a normal life. Her parents were great, but there were always obstacles that she has had to overcome. Her life was nothing to really write about. The sudden death of her parents left her life hectic, but with purpose. Shannon meets Jackson when she visits his office. Neither wants to admit they like each other. So they hide it with attitude, arguments and eventually friendship. Jack will let no one close... Shannon will let no one in... How can two stubborn souls find purpose if they closed their eyes (and hearts) through life? What happens when what they push away the most seeps in through the cracks? Can even stone hearts go soft? Will Jack and Shannon realize what is there before it's too late? Or will they cause too much harm and seal their lives as they stand, lonely?
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