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Can a 17 year old high school outcast redeem a 21 year old drug dealer? Can a drug dealer make this high school girl believe in love again?

Tory is a 17 year old Senior at Crestview Academy. She has been dating local high schooler Jude for two years when she finds him in the woods making out with her classmate Molli. She feels betrayed and ends up at a wild party thrown by local drug dealer Tony the same night.

Tony is 21 and has been dealing drugs since he was eighteen, when his Dad died and his Mom couldn't handle it and ended up in a mental hospital. Tony is surprised when Tory shows up on his doorstep and ends up in his bed the same night. He quickly finds himself falling in love with her, but can't make himself believe that he is good enough to truly be Tory's man. Tory is also still hung up on Jude. It's the last straw for Tony when Tory refuses to spend Thanksgiving with his family even though hers is out of town, and he turns to hard drugs.

When Tory realizes that she's in love with Tony, will she be able to pull him back from the abyss he's trapped himself in? Will Tony be able to straighten his life out and prove once and for all that he's good enough to be Tory's man?

Crestview Academy: Tory is filled with hot romance and controversy including teenage pregnancy, the use of marijuana and the life of a drug dealer who is protected by a local cop.

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