This Just In
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    Apr-2000 (Hardcover)
    Aug-2001 (Paperback)
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    Print / Audio
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Bestselling author Yolanda Joe offers a warm, witty, and provocative look at broadcast news--where the real action happens behind the camera.

At WKBA in Chicago, five women--four black and one white--are walking a tightrope of determination and ruthlessness, race and relations, personal life and office politics. While fighting to survive in the old-boys network, they are forced to tackle the biggest story of all . . . their own lives:

Holly Johnston--Reporter/Anchor. Hoping to be more than eye candy, she's got the reigning "Dragon Diva" to contend with--and that lady fights with fire.

Alexandra Harbor--Photographer. Street smart and burned out. Can her fierce talent keep her afloat as the station faces a ratings plunge?

Kenya Adams--News Writer/Producer. Struggling to transform her print skills into TV news, her drive to succeed is wreaking havoc on her home life.

Meg "Beans" Rippley--Camerawoman. A shattering incident will put her on the dividing line between black and white, where there are no shades of gray.

Denise Mitzler--Upper Management. Tough and ambitious, she has set her sights on the top; but a harrowing choice will challenge her sense of right.

This Just In . . . is a delicious peek at what the viewer doesn't see--the hot stories that spring from the heart of five very different women as they jockey for respect in a fiercely competitive world. At once moving and hilarious, it resonates with Yolanda Joe's heartfelt message about women, life, and love.
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