The Zombie Hunter's Wife
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Is marriage an antiquated relic in the zombie apocalypse? Michelle Greggs had the perfect life; a loving husband, a nice home in San Francisco, and a belief in safety and security. That all ended the day the zombies rose. Against her wishes, her husband Mitch goes to one last day at his job as a police officer in the chaos of the Z virus epidemic. When he returns home as the undead, she is forced to kill her one and only love. With no safety and security to be had in S.F. she is evacuated to the middle of nowhere in Central California. There, she clings to the remnants of safety behind cement walls, allowing others to venture outside to do the necessary killing of the undead. Teddy Ridgewood proclaims himself the King of Pittsburg, population 1. To the survivors he joins, he projects an image of a fun-loving guy, thinking the zombie apocalypse is a never-ending video game. Inside, he dies a little with each undead kill, still seeing the people they were. Michelle yearns to embrace Teddy’s live-for-today attitude as much as she yearns to embrace the man himself, but both things scare her more than the undead moaning outside the walls of the compound. Can Teddy help Michelle to let go of her fears, to enable her to find the strength he believes she has deep inside?
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