The Ways of Justice
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A full-length, noir mystery thriller set against the crooked world of fashion, Ways of Justice is the first book in the DCS Frank Kruger Political Crime Thriller Series and is set in the top echelons of the fashion industry in Europe and among the upper crust of the business world where wealth and social status (and elite lawyers) place them above the laws of the land. Where greed and corruption abound. And where murder is always an option.

This suspenseful story plays out in Germany and Switzerland and begins with what DCS Frank Kruger and his CID team believe to be a simple investigation. Soon, however, it grows in complexity when he comes into conflict with a network of unscrupulous business overlords and a professional killer who is as elusive and clever as the fabled Scarlet Pimpernel. As Kruger begins to unravel the complexities of the case, a web of deceit and deception, secrets and lies emerges, and he is confronted with a conspiracy whose top dog, an attractive, shrewd and egomaniacal woman, will go to any length to become queen of the fashion hill. Revenge is sweet but she isn't.

The backstory makes the reader think again about the sort of people who run top businesses in our modern age and the dubious influence of the politicians who work hand in glove with them.

Updated 12-2018
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