The Watchers
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Worldwide in the 1350s one hundred million human souls died from the Black Death. In Europe in the 1920s seventy-five million perished from the Spanish Influenza. Yearly, almost half a million die due to new strains of viruses and plagues.

Or do they?


Jacob Cain’s life changes forever when he starts to receive a series of reanimated corpses, each impart a fragment of a message. An ancient tale unfolds as old as time itself relating humanities darkest untold secret – the biblical story from the Devil’s point of view.


As the chain of events unfolds Cain repeatedly finds himself confused and covered in blood. Suddenly he becomes a fugitive from the authorities, wanted in connection to multiple murders, his garden now a mass grave.


Guided by one catastrophic event after another, Cain finds whole villages eerily silent with corpses littering the streets as a new plague from an unimaginable source starts to sweep the country. At an old farmhouse he comes face-to-face with mankind’s worst nightmare. And buried in a field is the answer to all the riddles that climax in a terrifying, unearthly twist.

As Cain fights for his life he must unravel the shocking truth, before billions die. He is all that stands in the way of a global pandemic on an apocalyptical scale.
Then God said: “Where do you come from?” At that Satan answered God and said: “From roving about in the earth and from walking about in it.”

(Please be aware, The Watchers was previously published under the title The Devils Harvest)
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