The Warrior Bride

Powerful men of wild, proud spirit, only yhe rarest and most splendid brides will do for the HIGHLAND ROGUES

Lachlan MacGowan, the "Rogue Fox," is suspicious of the able warrior who rescued him in battle -- but he's shocked to discover the mysterious "Hunter" is really ... a woman! Beneath well-worn soldier's garb is a proud beauty named Rhona, whose fire enflames the Fox's passions much more than the gentle Highland lassies he's used to. This is the woman Lachlan must wed and bed -- though her ties to an enemy of Scotland suggest the incomparable lady has a traitorous soul.

Rhona has posed as a male for so long she doesn't know what to make of the feverish yearning this dashing, arrogant clansman inspires within her. But the infuriating MacGowan refuses to leave her side, threatening to undermine her essential and dangerous mission with his manly charms, his intoxicating kiss. She must remain strong and resist him -- but how can she battle a heart that says "surrender" with every beat?
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