The Valmont Contingency
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Tasha Ocasek is having a bad day. First, her father forces her to meet the son of the ben Khalid ship-building cartel to secure a marriage contract. Then she gets stood up by ben Khalid, and sold off like a common whore to a psychopathic pharmaceutical magnate. Threatened with a life of drugged servitude, Tasha stows away on the first available ship.

Garrick ben Khalid has returned from chasing smugglers and information on the corbies, derelict ships with zombielike crews. Without question, the corbies trump dinner plans with some socialite geisha. But when Rick discovers the same geisha on his ship posing as medic Marie Valmont, he knows the sexy stowaway is nothing but trouble.

After she saves his life -- and shares his quarters -- Rick learns there's far more to Marie Valmont than Tasha Ocasek. He needs her help, but will she agree once she learns his true identity?

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    • First Edition
    • Oct-2012
    • Carina Press
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1426894422
    • ISBN13: 9781426894428
    • Wylde Hare Press
    • eBook
    • Oct-2012
    • Carina Press
    • eBook (Kindle)


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