The Valentine Charm
Meet the Addingtons: two charming sisters and a dashing brother who have lost their fortune but not their dreams. Now, in a new trilogy by regency star Lynn Collum, one by one, the Addingtons will arrive in Britain after growing up in Italy, carrying with them a family charm that links their hearts as they separate in search of a new home...


Of all the gentlemen she's met in Bath, Amy Addington finds Sir Hartley Ross the most intriguing. Unfortunately, at her Aunt Vivian's direction, she is meant to find a husband for her cousin Helen--not for herself. And it soon seems that her attraction to the handsome man is ill-advised--for Amy begins to suspect that Hart is the culprit behind the string of robberies plaguing the city's finest homes! Of course, if Hart had divined the reason for lovely Amy's sudden hauteur, he would have set her right straightaway--but his errand in Bath has become complicated by an irresistible interest in her affairs, and a certain charm that has worked its Valentine magic to unmask his fondest desire...
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