The Unrepentant Rake
A Disreputable Earl

Ariel Tennant, the lovely young sister of the Viscount Derring, is relieved to be returning home after three weeks with her overbearing aunt. She still has to endure her aunt's company during her journey, for she is not permitted to travel unchaperoned. Their trip comes to a sudden halt when a treacherous blizzard leaves them stranded. With no nearby lodgings available, Simon Granville Thorson, the tenth Earl of Milford, generously consents to allow the strangers into his home.

Ariel's aunt is horrified, for Milford's reputation as a notorious rake precedes him in polite society. However, Ariel is immediately intrigued by her host, and his socially unacceptable house guests. Milford, captivated by Ariel's innocence, begins what he thinks is a harmless flirtation. He knows that to pursue her seriously would damage her reputation. Then a series of harmless pranks among the snowbound guests turns dangerous --- and Milford discovers that what he really wants is to protect Ariel, always. But is the infamous lord worthy of her innocent heart?

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