The Unreachable Stars
Captain Adam Cain, US NAVY SEALs (RET), is a hero to Humanity, with high schools named after him and in demand for celebrity appearances throughout the Orion-Cygnus Union star empire. All in all, it's a pretty good life after twenty years of death-defying adventures among the stars....

Yet all that is about to change....

In The Unreachable Stars - Book #11 in The Human Chronicles Saga - Adam finds himself inadvertently pulled into a galaxy-wide political struggle and deception where nothing but the very survival of the Milky Way is at stake.

As the story opens...

The five-thousand-year-old mutant alien Panur has parted ways with the ravenous Sol-Kor and their Queen, seeking refuge with Adam Cain at his Lake Tahoe home. But all is not peaches and cream, as the Queen has made the Milky Way Galaxy an offer it can't refuse: Return Panur to me in exchange for immunity from attack.

Now, with an entire galaxy out gunning for them, Adam and Panur narrowly escape the first attempt to capture the mutant, and they head off into space in Adam's suped-up Pegasus II starship, seeking protection and support from a whole assortment of characters from Adam's past. This includes his old sidekick Riyad Tarazi, the aliens Kaylor and Jym, the leader of the Fringe Pirates Angar, as well as the voluptuous Arieel Bol. You'll also be introduced to some new characters along the way, including Regina Greywood, Riyad's new co-pilot and over-sexed love interest. But the most-intriguing is Arieel's daughter, Lila. This young alien is destined for great things....

As you can imagine, it's hard to relax for even a minute when you have an entire galaxy after you. And it's especially frustrating when Panur has come up with a way to rid the galaxy of the Sol-Kor menace for good--but no one will believe you. All they want is to capture Panur, even if it means the death of Adam Cain and his friends.

This is pure space opera adventure, and with a little M.C. Hammer thrown in for good measure (you'll have to read the book to find out what we mean).

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