The Trillium Cup
The cup of happiness seemed dashed from Meg Morris's lips forever when the young heiress learned that the man she adored was more interested in her money than in her. Meg fled the scene of this betrayal -- to a place where no one knew about her and the wealth that had only brought her heartbreak.

In the little town of Cranville, Meg tried to lose herself in her love of painting and her work as companion to an eccentric old woman. Meg told herself that the hostile suspicions of handsome lawyer Anson Destry did not matter, that she did not care what arty man thought of her. But when a gang of thieves made off with an invaluable treasure, and the finger of accusation pointed at Meg, she realized she could run away from trouble no longer. Amid mounting danger and intrigue, Meg risked all to prove her innocence, and to know the kind of love and trust she thought she would never feel again.
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