The Tomb of Genghis Khan

We're headed back to China and into Mongolia. This time we're lookin for the tomb of Genghis Khan. We'd discovered how wealthy Kublai Khan was but it turns out he was small fry compared to what we discovered his grandfather had hidden. The Great Khan's tomb was not only magnificent from what he'd written in his tomb log book, we were almost certain it was never goin to be found. He'd told his son to kill off everone who knew anythin about it. We've got Li, Wu and Wang with us agin in this adventure. Wu has some new twists on hot air ballooning and they're nothin short of genius. Our biggest trouble was the Mongols thought the balloons were devils and they were determined to kill the balloons and us too. The Great Kahn had hidden his tomb in the wildest part of Mongolia where the fiercest of his descendants lived, and we were usin everthin we could think of to save the balloons and our own hides. It was only dumb luck that gave us the final clue to what we were lookin for, but that wasn't the end of our problems.
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