The Ties That Bond
Rhonda Rhodes loves her single life and enjoys participating in the bonding camps the firm holds at their upstate retreat. Taking the weekend off, she travels to the compound only to be surprised to meet one of the firm's associates she hasn't met before, Jack Cragen. Their first meeting is very exposing, but Rhonda soon finds there's something about this man, a connection she's never felt for anyone before, that goes straight to her soul. When Jack meets Rhonda leisurely soaking in the hot tub at the compound, he's struck by her outgoing personality. Inviting Morgan and Rodgers to join them, Jack and Rhonda get to know each other intimately. Rhonda and Jack find they have a bond, one strong enough to last a lifetime. As they quickly find the one thing that had been missing in their life, they fall in love deeply and Rhonda finds out what the ties are that bond one person to another.

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