The Sting of the Scorpion

1944: In a spymaster's hideaway in Zurich, the seeds of world destruction are sown

There Amadeo Zeller, a brilliant, supremely evil man, the quintessential power broker, sets a dark plan in motion. And in the last turbulent days of World War II the plan moves toward its inexorable end. In its wake nations will fall...murder and terror will shift the tides of allegiance...lives will be crushed in plot and counterplot.

1984: Civilization's last best hope rests with one desperate, dedicated man
He is Major Darius Bonifacio, leader of a strong secret enclave, sworn to stop the Zeller machine. The final face-off has come. And Bonifacio must succeed, or the world will reel in anguish beneath the Scorpion's sting - while a white-hot Nuclear Winter scourges the earth.
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