The Spell of Binding
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(The Spell of Binding: Part One, is a 27,000 word, witty, fantasy comedy).


The World was almost destroyed by science – billions died. The survivors gave up looking for God and looked within themselves. They could hear a new song emanating from the ruins of the past. An ancient song, older than religion and time itself – they heard the magic.


But the holocaust caused a spell uttered eons ago – when the magic was strong – to weaken. A spell that now released unmentionable creatures back into the world; creatures their ancestors had banished. Science failed to destroy humanity, now it’s the powerful Demon Kings turn to try – back with vengeance and a vast army.


Powerful sorcerers could stand in his way, but they have grown old and tired with time, leaving the hope of all New Mankind on the shoulders of a female magus, a slaphappy, lovesick human, a drunken whimsical elf, and an ambitious dwarf, all looking for a Spell that has been hidden for a thousand generations.


Simeon, the head of the Council of Magi, has spent decades deciphering an ancient leather bound book. He sends word to Minika, a sorceress close to where he believes the Spell is hidden – a female magus who is not quite what she seems – and with the aid of a human, an elf and a dwarf, she heads out into the barren wasteland to try and reach the Spell first before Vorr, the demon king and his vast army. But the demons are the least of Minika’s worries. Someone else seems hell bent on stopping her – someone who is manipulating magic that hasn’t been used for thousands of years. Also the Great Prophetess has just announced the prophecy that Vorr has been waiting to hear for over two thousand years: “In a time of great sorrow seven will heal the world.”
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