The Slip Away
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So here you are, considering the purchase of the next Ved Ludo novel. You are trying to determine if this, the second book, will be of the same quality as my breathtaking first … Some of you are upset, bewildered by the unexpected tragedy in The Exodus. Your emotional response is merited. I never forewarned you of Rule #17: develop characters that your audience will invest in, and then kill them unexpectedly. For that, I apologize.Nothing about this venture has been done traditionally. From the writing (and my reckless usage of commas), to the publishing, editing, and even selling of this entity, everything was done in a nontraditional way. Though I don’t wear black leather, or, God forbid, tassels, have a braided beard, or own anything made of pewter, I am the last literary rebel. In order to stand apart from the rest, at no time in this sequel will there be appearances by vampires, trolls, wizards, werewolves, or spacemen of any sort.Prepare yourself for a closer look into a man’s mind than anything you touched on at volleyball camp. I will bring brutal honesty to your bedside, strip it bare, and flog it with the abundance of adjectives and adverbs within. I will take you deep within the mind of a beautiful disaster, making you understand the cruelty of love and sex, the fear of commitment and freedom, and what it’s like to dance along the perimeters of morality.I am Ved Ludo, and when you finish this story, you will beg me for more.

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