The Sign of the Blue Dragon
The mansion of Oakhurst was a haven or rare elegance in the still-primitive Kentucky of 1806 -- but Rowan Chandler traveled there with dread. Recently orphaned, she was coming to live with relatives she barely knew, and entering a way of life that was foreign to her.

At Oakhurst, Rowan was surrounded by servants, and flattered by the admiration of handsome Gardner Lyman. But she also faced a growing dilemma. An underground plot against the United States was being hatched by a cunningly masked conspiracy, and the finger of suspicion pointed at the one man Rowan found irresistible, the fascinating yet strangely secretive widower, Simon White. In a nearby town, the sinister Inn of the Blue Dragon held the answers to Rowan's questions about the man she loved and the danger her country was in -- and it was there that she had to risk her life to learn the truth.

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