The Secret War
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A small group of superrich “trilliocrats” – technology trillionaires – are conspiring to dominate technology, scare resources and political power. They operate in today’s society and, day by day, their grip gets tighter as they rip apart populations with conflict and political upheaval.Investigative journalist Lois ‘Lobo’ Bolen, near retirement but driven to expose corruption and attacks on the people, gets her hands on a cache of secret documents revealing the massive scale of the conspiracy and what the Trilliocrats are planning ahead of their 2030 “endgame.”Lois ‘Lobo’ Bolen and her fellow investigative journalists begin mining leaked conspiracy documents, which she names the Ares Papers after the Greek god of war. The papers' owners, the Trilliocrats’ conspiracy network, find out and the chase begins.As Bolen runs from one Airbnb to another to evade the Trilliocrats’ killers, her articles reveal the shocking truth about the conspiracy: we are “sheepwalking” into disaster and no one is doing anything about it.Can she reveal enough to stop the conspiracy? Or is she living in a technological world where the Trilliocrats are the flame and she is the moth flying into disaster?
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