The Scars Shall Fade
The scar that marked Andrew Dalwin's face was a slight thing compared to the scar that a woman's fickleness had left on his heart and his feelings. How Trina Meriton overcame his suspicion and distrust and brought him back to happiness is told in a pleasant story, set in Australia. Is Trina Meriton the woman to give him back joy?



Escaping from a miserable love affair, Trina left Sydney to tutor four small children. They were orphans in need of affection and Trina had plenty to spare. She was puzzled by their cold, disdainful guardian.

Andrew Dalwin was in greater need of love than the children, but shunned it. His scarred face wouldn't let him believe anyone could ever love him again. Trina knew he was wrong-she was falling in love with him!

Hero: Andrew Dalwin
Heroine: Trina Meriton
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