The Revenge of Mahabone

When Gerald Lindsell defeated Mahabone in book one 'The Third Symbol', he had completed the legacy that had been bestowed upon generations of his own family. Finally waking up in his home world, he was delighted to find he had returned to a life without further torment, or so it seemed. However, without thinking very much about the consequences of returning with something that belonged to Mahabone, (the bell, called the Sleeper), was put away, and over the yeas, was finally forgotten. After several years making a good life and career for himself, Gerald finds strange events starting to happen. Finding things are not as safe as he previously thought, he asks a colleague for help. Meanwhile, Mahabone having taken years to fully recover from the wounds that Gerald had inflicted upon him, is now looking for a way to exact his revenge, and reclaim what is rightfully his ...
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