The Other Side
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There are many who believe that there is an “Other Side” aspect to the universe, a place or dimension where non-corporeal beings exist. Sometimes these beings are benign, and sometimes not. You may call them spirits, lost souls, angels, demons, ghosts… there are many names for these entities that most of us never see.
Sometimes these spirit beings are considered to be uninterested in the doings of the physical world, but others believe they have strong interests in influencing events here, for good or ill.
In this collection of short stories of the supernatural, Tony Burton explores the ideas of ghosts, demons, spiritualism, and voudoun.
In "Bluetick" a murdered voudoun worshipper is avenged with the help of his Orisha. In "As Clean As Death" the resolve of a fastidious dead woman is tested by a messy interloper in her home. In "Snow Angel" a death caused by cruelty is repaid by the innocent victim. In "Evil Invitation" a woman desperate to contact her dead child, mistakenly brings a demonic presence into her home.
These and four other stories will tantalize and chill you, and perhaps make you think twice about the unseen world of The Other Side.

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    • Nov-2009
    • Wolfmont Press
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • Apr-2010
    • Smashwords
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1603640177
    • ISBN13: 9781603640176


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