The Mystery of the Phantom Ship

An old lighthouse full of secrets…
Find the clues...
Solve The Mystery of the Phantom Ship!

SAILORS ALWAYS AVOID POSEIDON'S TRIANGLE, the creepy waters off the coast of Mystic, Maine. They believe it is home to sea monsters, bad Iuck, and ship disasters. One night when Zeke is practicing with his sailing team, he spots a huge ship right in the middle of the Triangle. He blinks, and it is gone.

When Jen sees the same ship vanish into the rocky coast a few nights later, the twins know they have a case on their hands. Could they have imagined the boat…or is it a phantom ship?

It's up to Jen and Zeke to uncover the secrets behind the disappearing boat before the big sailing race! Look for the clues. Can you solve the mystery of the phantom ship?
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